Dear Friends and Members of Shepherd of the Hills,


We have all had it happen to us. It happens regularly.  We get a song stuck in our head.  The worst is when only part of the song is stuck in our head, one line or just a few notes. 


This season at Shepherd of the Hills we are all about melody and song.  We are singing the song salvation.  The songs we hear are the tunes Zechariah, Mary and the Angels sing. They are melodies of mercy.  They are the songs of salvation. 


Continue to join me every Sunday at 10:30 as we work to get that tune of triumph stuck in our head for the week. Especially when this season is so busy, take the extra time to sing these songs with me.  Now, more than ever, with all the heaviness of life and the weights of the world, we need these notes of God’s grace and love to resound in our heads and our hearts.  Maybe, just maybe that melody will come pouring out in how we live and serve those others around us. 


Take a break from the world to sing with me:  Sundays at 10:30, Wednesday evenings at 6:30 (soup supper at 5:30), Christmas Eve at 6:30 and Christmas Day at 10:30. 


It’s not so bad getting a song stuck in your head when it’s a song that is sweet and up lifting.  The song of Jesus’ promise to each and everyone one of us is one I want in my head, felt in my heart and pouring out of my lips. May this melody of mercy be yours now and forever. 


In His Love and Service,

Pastor Rust