Dear Friends and Members of Shepherd of the Hills,


Welcome to another Holy Week.  Holy Week is that time in our church calendar that we follow after Jesus’ week before his resurrection.  This time is characterized by restrained joy.  Yup, even in the gloom of a service like Good Friday, we carry with us this restrained joy.  


What does restrained joy look like?  I think for every person that will look different in their day to day life.  Maybe for you this week it is spending an extra moment in the morning remembering your baptism.  Maybe it is denying yourself some extra creature comforts this week.  Maybe it is an extra work of service.  Maybe it is a special joy that comes with anticipation.  


I believe all of us should make time in our restrained joy to join together in hearing God’s Word and participating in the services that accompany this week.  At SHLC we will be offering services on Thursday and Friday at 6:30.   Maundy Thursday (Holy Thursday) we follow after Jesus as he serves his disciples by washing their feet and inviting them to go and serve one another.  He gives to them His very Body and Blood and then calls them to do this act regularly.  On Good Friday we follow after Jesus through his trial, suffering and crucifixion.  We, along with all of creation, experience the darkness of that day, and yet with restrained joy we sing and pray.  We know that Sunday is coming.  


Sunday at 7:15 and 10:30, we follow after the disciples as they experience the empty tomb.  We release our restrained joy and let that joy flow fully in the Alleluias and praises that belong to such a spectacular day.  


Yet, maybe, because of whatever is going on in your life right now, the weight of Holy Week and the full flowing joy of Easter is just too much.  If so, then this week is exactly for you.  Do not be overwhelmed by the pomp and circumstance of these momentous events, instead, be present, listen quietly and be refreshed.  God is the one who did all the work on Holy Week so long ago and he is still the one working during this our Holy Week.  Come and be refreshed and at peace. 


I’ll see you as we follow after Jesus because he comes to meet us were we are at.  


In His Love and Service,

Pastor Rust